(Grifola Frondosa)

In long ago times, those who discovered Maitake’s rejuvenating effects were said to dance for joy. The mushroom gave them wonderful health and high spirits, and they gave the mushroom its name, which means “dance.” Now you can experience the same benefits of Maitake, passed from generation to generation, from ancient legend into modern reality. Better get your dancing shoes.


Maitake is an adaptogen that helps our bodies manage physical or physiological stress borne from anxiety, fatigue, trauma or infection. Maitake offers a healing touch and the ability to embrace the joy of wellness in our lives.


Maitake’s attributes have been shown to reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol, increase your body’s energy, and bring balance to blood sugar levels.


With all of these benefits, is it any wonder that a mushroom grown down among tree roots can send spirits soaring? Maitake is here, and that’s something to smile about.



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